Mission and Vision​

Our Vision

Carmelagiri Public School visualizes excellence and service as the motto. To excel, we act as a catalyst to merge the boundaries to establish the city of the wisdom and to accelerate hi-tech education for holistic advancements. Service as the pedagogy to realize the desired dreams and everything would be actualized through social responsibility.

Our Education Policy

We consider education as the integral formation of human person for the fulfilment of personal and social responsibilities. We aim at forming value based and effective leaders for tomorrow.

We Aspire Towards

Creating a society which respects Individual dignity, Challenging unjust social structures, Nurturing Religious harmony and Ahimsa Reaching out to Families Operating beyond caste and creed and opening up to society as a positive change agent.

Profile of a Student

Intellectually competent Spiritually Mature Psychologically integrated Physically Healthy Socially acceptable Champion of justice, peace and truth.

Profile of a Teacher

An agent of Change based on Sound value system and Moral Principles Love for Subject Love of profession love humanity.