School Bus Facilities​

Students are generally expected to make use of the school buses. Students availing themselves of the bus service must, as a rule, continue to use the service throughout the year. In exceptional cases permission to discontinue could be granted by the Principal provided a written application is submitted by the parent.

Any student causing annoyance to other students on the bus or to pedestrians will be barred from further use of the bus with no claim to refund of bus fares. He/she is also liable to further disciplinary action.

The school will not provide alternative transport facilities to students who miss the bus. While waiting for the school bus, students should be mindful of good manners and exemplary behaviour. Playing at these centres is strictly forbidden.

At the bus stop children should get in to the bus in an orderly manner. As a safety measure they should not put their hand or head out of the bus even to salute any one.

Children should be courteous, well mannered and well disciplined in the bus. All are expected to speak English on the bus and the bus stops.

Seating arrangement should be strictly followed.

After getting off the bus, children should wait at the bus-stop till the moves again. There should be very cautious and see that they cross the road only after the bus has left the stop so that accidents can be avoided.

In case of any complaint, parents should report to the office and never approach the crew of the bus directly.

Students who cause any damage to the bus will have to pay penalties that will be fixed by the Principal based on the report from the crew.

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